Zebra Fundraising Prizes

As a thank you for your work in raising awareness and funds to fight NET cancer, we’d like to give you these awesome prizes! Prizes are awarded for donations to our NCAN Virtual Strides for Stripes page (or for money raised by you if you create your own fundraising page and join our team, “Anne’s Herd”). Email anne (dot) grace (dot) glenn (at) gmail (dot) com with your mailing address after you’ve made your donation so we can send you your gifts!


Tier 1: $5 – Silicone Awareness Bracelet

Tier 2: $10 – Bookmark AND Temporary Tattoo

Tier 3: $15 – Satin Zebra Ribbon Pin AND Zebra Ribbon Lanyard


Tier 4: $20 – Zebra Heart Window Decal


Tier 5: $25 – ‘Choose Hope’ Water Bottle


Tier 6: $100 – Teddy Bear with Zebra Ribbon

Tier 7: $150 – Zebra fuzzy Dice AND (1) Licence Plate Frame

Tier 8: $200 – Your choice: Fleece Zebra-stripe Blanket OR  Zebra-print Scarf


Tier 9: $300 – Wildkin Zebra Lunch Box

Tier 10: $500 – Your choice: Zebra-stripe Duffle/Gym bag OR Skip Hop Zebra Toddler/Small Child Backpack


Thank you for supporting the fight against NET cancer. Get your Zebra on!