Registry Information

First, we’d just like to say that if you are attending our wedding, the pleasure of your company will be plenty ‘gift’ enough for us. Being able to share our day with you is all we ask for! If you are unable to attend then we would deeply appreciate your prayers, blessings, and love. Please feel no obligation to send anything else!

That being said, a number of people have expressed a desire to know what we might need in setting up our home together, so we have created a wedding registry. International registries are a tricky thing, so here’s what we’ve done:

We’re registered at (search for Coleman Glenn or Anne Grace Hurd). This is a site that gathers together items from any online catalogue into a registry. When you click on an item, you’ll see information about the item and a link to the site where we found it. If that site is in the wrong country for you (ie, the item is from the Canadian Bed, Bath and Beyond, and you’re in the USA, or vice versa), you can use the information to find the item on your local site. Then you can check something off on the MyRegistry site so that others know someone has selected that item.

Thank you so much for thinking of us, and please know that we are just so blessed by your love, and that’s all we ask for.


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