Cast of Characters

We are delighted and honoured to have a wonderful group of people who have agreed to stand up with us at our wedding and in our marriage. We’d love for you to get to know them, so we’ve asked them to introduce themselves!

Maid of Honour


First Name: Ashlee

Current city: Kandern, Germany

Favourite color: Red

Favourite kind of cheese: The smellier the better

Secret childhood ambition: To be a movie director

Random talent: I can throw down heat at a poetry slam!

Short blurb about what you’re currently up to: My husband and I just moved to Germany to work as missionaries at a Christian boarding school that serves teens who’s parents are missionaries all over the world. I am the high school Creative Writing and Journalism teacher. I’m also pregnant with my first baby, a boy! My younger sister, a senior at the school, lives with us so we are also hosting large groups of hungry and fun teenagers most days after school. Lately you are most likely to find me eating something at all hours of the day!

Best Man


First Name: Matthew

Current city: Pittsburgh

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite kind of cheese: Blue

Secret childhood ambition: To become a writer

Random talent: Freaky ability to pick things up with my (remaining) toes

Short blurb about what you’re currently up to: Working as a landman in Ohio while I search for attorney jobs in Pittsburgh.



First Name: Anna

Current city: Baltimore

Favorite color: green

Favorite kind of cheese: really sharp cheddar

Secret childhood ambition: never really thought that far ahead…reading as many books as possible?

Random talent: reading dead languages. mostly Sumerian.

Short blurb about what you’re currently up to: I’m just beginning my second year of graduate school in Near Eastern Studies, studying Sumerian and Akkadian and Mesopotamian history. Spend most of my time in the library, hanging out with other strange people who also like to spend all their time in the library (although we occasionally get out on the weekends, to do normal things like go to book festivals).


First Name: Claire

Current city: Toronto (the centre of the universe)

Favourite colour: Burgundy

Favourite kind of cheese: Swiss. No, brie! No, Guinness cheddar…this question is too hard.

Secret childhood ambition: When I was 7 I wanted to be an astronomer.

Random talent: Being a human dictionary/thesaurus and giving back rubs. Sometimes at the same time.

Short blurb about what you’re currently up to: Currently working two waitressing jobs as well as contracting as a Speech Therapy Assistant and working to increase my client list. Trying to find time to read, write, revive my latent musical talents, and hang out with my super awesome husband as much as possible.


First Name: Jennifer

Current city: San Diego, CA

Favorite color: Green

Favorite kind of cheese: Brie

Secret childhood ambition: To live in Africa

Random talent: Event Coordinating

Short blurb about what you’re currently up to: I am currently in the process of transferring schools from SDCC to Point Loma so I can finish my degree in Biblical Studies. I was married this past summer to James Lee, and have been enjoying the married life in San Diego!


First Name: Laura

Current city: Bryn Athyn, Pa

Favorite color: Green or blue or purple, depends on the day

Favorite kind of cheese: Definitely Brie

Secret childhood ambition: An famous actress-singer, who also runs an orphanage on the side

Random talent: being super flexible in the finger region

Short blurb about what you’re currently up to: I am a student majoring in Psychology and Education. I love all of my classes, so I know it’s the right major-combo for me. When I’m not doing homework, I’m playing video games and/or waiting for my boyfriend who’s in Korea to sign online/talking to him if he is already online.


First Name: Linda

Current city: Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Favorite color: Green

Favorite kind of cheese: There are so many! Flipping a coin- brie

Secret childhood ambition: When I was 7, I really wanted to be an astronaut, but decided against pursuing it after getting homesick during a sleepover at a friend’s house.

Random talent: The ability to burst into Disney songs at the least provocation
Short blurb about what you’re currently up to: Currently serving as an AmeriCorps member at a local literacy council, I spend most of my days managing volunteers, organizing events, and teaching English classes. When I’m not at work, I am happily attempting to balance drawing for an online comic, scrapbooking my favorite pictures, and spending time with my wonderful boyfriend.


First Name: Terri

Current city: Vancouver, BC

Favourite colour: Green

Favourite kind of cheese: Nothing like delicious sharp white cheddar… or cream cheese (particularly when that cream cheese is in a cheesecake or frosting)

Secret childhood ambition: I wanted to be a figure skater and compete in the Olympics.

Random talent: I can make my tongue touch my nose.

Short blurb about what you’re currently up to: I recently completed my Master’s. I took the summer off to travel going to London for the Olympics, Spain, and Newfoundland. Now, I’m launching my career in environmental policy.


First Name: Jennifer

AKA: Jen

Current city: Ottawa, ON

Favourite colour: Midnight blue

Favourite kind of cheese: Swiss

Secret childhood ambition: To be a private consulting detective.

Random talent: I started learning archery at age 3 and can split my own arrows.

Short blurb about what you’re currently up to: I’m currently in my final year of a degree in English and Theatre at the University of Ottawa; I’m an emerging professional actress, fight instructor, and stage manager; I’m hoping to attend graduate school to study Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse literature; and I work as a teaching assistant in the department of English, giving lectures and marking many first-year essays!



First Name: Andrew

Current city: Toronto

Favourite colour: red

Favourite kind of cheese: Brie

Secret childhood ambition: major league pitcher

Random talent: Being a ninja

Short blurb about what you’re currently up to: I am currently a knight at medieval times Toronto. I ride horses, joust and fight to the cheers of the crowd. At home I spend time with my lovely wife Claire and dog Rambo.


First name: Ethan

Current city: Chapel Hill, NC

Favorite color: Carolina Blue

Favorite kind of cheese: I’m sad now

Secret childhood ambition: To be a paleontologist

Random talent: Cooking delicious breakfasts

Short blurb about what you’re currently up to: I’m part of the IT team for a small company in North Carolina, which occasionally sends me to exotic locations like Paris and Las Vegas.  I have an amazing girlfriend, Linda, who’s also in the wedding party.  We’ve recently started learning to swing dance, and already gone to one real dance.  In my spare time I like to nerd out with Magic, D&D, and random video games.


First Name: Joel

Current city: Bryn Athyn, PA

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite kind of cheese: Mozzarella

Secret childhood ambition: Become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Random talent: I can read Latin (sort of)

Short blurb about what you’re currently up to: I am currently attending Theological School in Bryn Athyn, training to be a pastor. I will also be teaching Hebrew at Bryn Athyn College in the near future. In my free time I enjoy doing nothing, playing Starcraft II and hanging out with cool people.


First Name: Joshua

Current city: Seattle, WA

Favourite colour: Sky blue

Favourite kind of cheese: Sharp cheddar

Secret childhood ambition: To be a train conductor

Random talent: Walking and reading at the same time… without dying

Short blurb about what you’re currently up to: Working in tech, exploring the Pacific Northwest, spending time with my niece and nephew and helping launch a church.


First Name: Ronald Esquire

AKA: Ron

Current city: Bryn Athyn

Favorite color: My favorite color is red with orange.

Favourite kind of cheese: Irish Cheddar

Secret childhood ambition: Astronaut

Random talent(s): Can move my scalp, can make my tongue really big and light a bowdrill fire underwater.

Short blurb about what you’re currently up to: I’m teaching at the Academy of the New Church.  So far it has been the most mentally challenging thing I have ever done, but I love my students and look forward to see what I can do with my classes.


First Name: Thane

Current city: Huntingdon Valley, PA

Favourite colour: Sunlight

Favourite kind of cheese: Sottocenere with truffles

Secret childhood ambition: Rock star

Random talent: I can read Old English

Short blurb about what you’re currently up to: I am an assistant professor of Theology, English, and Writing at Bryn Athyn College. I am also the college chaplain. I am trying to grow fun edible things in my yard–chestnut trees, figs, blueberries, strawberries–and hoping for a cold winter so I can make maple syrup this spring.



First Name: Christopher

AKA: Chris

Current city: Philadelphia, PA

Favourite colour: Moxie Orange

Favourite kind of cheese: This one is difficult. They’re all so good! But, Feta has to be my absolute favorite.

Secret childhood ambition: I wanted to be a wealthy architect bachelor with a butler and a chauffeur.

Random talent: I can stun the multitudes with my recitation of the poem “Swedenborg The Norsemen.”

Short blurb about what you’re currently up to: I’m finishing up school right now, and will (if all goes well) have an M.Div by June. I’m working hard to complete my dissertation which focuses on Motivation and Drive, and how it is found in every detail of the Universe. It’s not going as well as I’d hoped, but it has changed my thinking in ways that I can’t even begin to express, one change, however, is that I value useful service much more now than I ever did before. I’m enjoying my time in center-city with my wife, Annika, and our itty dog, The Rt. Rev. Sazed Pants Peebles. Downtown is loads of fun!


First Name: Hans

Current city: Charlotte NC

Favourite colour: pewter, but I have never spelled color with a “u”

Favorite kind of cheese: muenster

Secret childhood ambition: to design custom houses with custom furniture all based on automation and fun.

Random talent: juggling and walking on my hands. Not at the same time.

Short blurb about what you’re currently up to: I live and work in Charlotte North Carolina. I am married to Bethany. We have a daughter Zoe and we have a boy due dec 2nd. I operate a chain of privately owned car repair and maintenance shops. Bethany is a stay at home mom who works part time at the YMCA putting her personal training certification to good use. I race go karts competitively locally and nationally as a hobby. I’d like to say we all enjoy football on Sundays, but that’s probably just me.


First Name: Nicholas

AKA: Nick

Current city: Kandern, Germany

Favourite Colour: Orange

Favourite Cheese: currently, anything lactose free

Secret Childhood Ambition: play international rugby

Random Talent: mild mannered teacher with two black belts and who does mma

Short blurb: working as a missionary teacher in a missionary school, teaching french and math to 7th and 8th graders. Soon to be daddy.


First Name: Penn

AKA: Torrey

Current city: Lansdale PA

Favourite colour: Green

Favourite kind of cheese: mozzarella or asiago maybe a good cheddar, oh i also like stella fontinella, i couldn’t turn down a good colby jack either, wait how about a…nevermind, i like all cheeses!

Secret childhood ambition: I want to be the very best, like no one ever was.

Random talent: great at smash brothers (Ness, Pikachu, Roy, Ike) Coleman with Ness was my greatest rival!

Short blurb about what you’re currently up to: I live in Lansdale Pa with my wife Kit. We spend lots of time doing hobbies, such as making candy (Coops Confections), geocaching, playing video games, building Legos & reading. We are LOVE to travel and try to do a big trip every year. Next year we are going to Disney World! Our family consists of Kit Rose Cooper, myself, Drake (dog – border collie), Link (grey cat), & Kemet (black cat). No kids yet……


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