Support Us

In April of 2016 Anne was diagnosed with an advanced form of a rare kind of cancer, called Neuroendocrine Tumour (NET) cancer (sometimes also called Carcinoid cancer).

Many of you have asked what you can do to support us. Here are a few ways.


Give thanks for the love and support of the community around the world who are lifting  us up in love and carrying us through hard times.

Give thanks for God’s grace and presence through a hard recovery, several setbacks, and ongoing complications. After more than a year we are finally starting to see some measurable and long-term improvements for Anne in both her physical health and strength as well as her mental, emotional and spiritual health. Praise the Lord!

Pray for clarity and guidance as we move forward with trying to obtain a scan Anne needs but insurance has denied. We are currently trying to determine the cost of paying for it out of pocket after we lost our last appeal.

Pray for Coleman as he continues in his new jobs as Assistant Chaplain at Bryn Athyn College and teaching at both there and the Academy Secondary Schools, as well as working for the General Church.

Pray for Anne in her studies as she pursues her Master of Arts in Religious Studies at Bryn Athyn College.

NET Cancer Day 2017

Check back for details soon!

Practical help

There are a few areas in which we need practical help.

If you are in Bryn Athyn:

We could use some help with odd jobs around the house. Hanging pictures, sorting items for storage, organisation etc. There are a lot of jobs that Anne can start but not finish due to her physical limitations. If you have a few hours here or there, let us know!

Rides. Anne can’t drive and with Coleman working full-time we are looking for some help getting Anne where she needs to be. We are trying to establish a regular schedule for her appointments so that it is more routine and less unpredictability. We will pay for gas and maintenance!

Wherever you are:

Write cards and letters. We would love to get mail, especially for our children. Notes of inspiration and encouragement, pictures of you and your family and where you are in the world, memories of how you know us – send them to:

Samuel and Eleanor Glenn

496 Woodward Drive

Huntingdon Valley, PA


Thank you for your support!