Support Us

In April of 2016 Anne was diagnosed with an advanced form of a rare kind of cancer, called Neuroendocrine Tumour (NET) cancer (sometimes also called Carcinoid cancer).

Many of you have asked what you can do to support us. Here are a few ways.


Give thanks for the skilled physicians involved in Anne’s care, especially for the surgical team who performed her surgeries in July.

Give thanks for God’s grace and presence through a hard recovery, several setbacks, and ongoing complications.

Praise God for a successful, educational and encouraging trip to the National NET Patient Conference in New Orleans.

Pray for the next weeks in limbo as we wait insurance approval for the drug Anne needs. She continues to experience debilitating symptoms that we hope this drug will manage.

Pray for us as we prepare for NET Cancer Day November 10, and as we ask friends and family to support us in raising awareness and funds.

Pray for our house search. We have decided to stay in the USA and are searching for a home.

NET Cancer Day 2016

Check out this page for our awareness and fundraising campaign!

Practical help

There are a few areas in which we need practical help.

If you are in South Africa:

Check in with Carey Foord ( and Leshane Haarhoff as they manage the packing up of our belongings and getting the manse ready for the visiting ministers.

If you are in Bryn Athyn:

Check our LotsaHelpingHands site, set up by a friend to help meet some of our practical needs during this time.

Meals are tricky due to our dietary restrictions. If you have an understanding of celiac disease and allergies and feel comfortable making a meal for us, please get in touch and we’ll let you know what we need and when.

Wherever you are:

Write cards and letters. We would love to get mail, especially for our children. Notes of inspiration and encouragement, pictures of you and your family and where you are in the world, memories of how you know us – send them to:

Samuel and Eleanor Glenn

496 Woodward Drive

Huntingdon Valley, PA


Thank you for your support!