NET Cancer Day 2016

November 10 is NET cancer day, and this year (our first!), we will be celebrating by inviting our family and friends to join us in raising funds to support research, awareness and patient support. Come join Anne’s Herd! (The joke: her maiden name is Hurd).

The Main Event

Come join us at the Philadelphia Zoo on SATURDAY NOVEMBER 12 for the Run for the Stripes. Register to run a 5k or walk 1 mile at your own pace. The registration fee includes a t-shirt and Zoo admission for the rest of the day. (Parking at the zoo is extra, at $16/vehicle). The 5k begins at 8:15 AM, the 1 mile at 8:30 AM.

Registration Fees

Before October 17: 5k: $30, 1 mile: $20

After October 17: 5k: $35, 1 mile: $25

Day of (either race): $40

Children 2-12 (either race): $20

Children under 2: Free (no registration needed, no t-shirt)

Coleman, Anne, Samuel and Eleanor will be walking the 1 mile.

Fees from registration go to Run for the Stripes which directly funds NET cancer research at the Abramson Cancer Centre at the University of Pennsylvania where Anne is receiving her treatment.

Above and Beyond: Donations to NCAN

In addition to supporting research at the Abramson Cancer Centre, Coleman and Anne would like to support the Neuroendocrine Cancer Awareness Network. NCAN provides patient advocacy and support, hosts patient conferences, sponsors educational opportunities for medical professionals, and funds research grants. They have made a big difference in our lives and hundreds if not thousands of others.

NCAN hosts a “virtual walk” for the whole month of November. We invite you to donate to our team here. For each tier of donations, you’ll get some great Zebra-themed prizes! If you want to walk on your own to support us, feel free to join the virtual walk; make sure you join “Anne’s Herd” when you sign up. You can raise funds from friends and family, or simply pay the initial registration fee; be sure to take pictures of yourself walking in your zebra gear!

Merchandise Sales

We will be at Bryn Athyn Bounty on October 15 (Charter Day Weekend), raising awareness with brochures and funds by selling some great zebra-themed gear. Come learn about NETs and pick up a pin or bracelet to help spread awareness.

Can’t make it to Bounty? Come by the house or send us an e-mail (see what’s available here) to purchase bracelets, keychains, stickers and more to show your support for NET patients and to help raise awareness about Neuroendocrine cancer. Proceeds from merchandise sales will go to NCAN.

The Party

Join us on Friday, November 11 to pick up your run/walk t-shirt and registration packets. There may also be ice cream… (More details to come)

Ready to Register? Click here! Can’t join us on the day of but want to participate wherever you are? Click here!

Where does the money go?

Donations to Run for the Stripes go to the Abramson Cancer Centre and fund NET cancer research by the team of doctors treating Anne. From Run for the Stripes:

Run for The Stripes’ mission: a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes.  RFTS 5K run/walk is held on an annual basis to raise awareness and funds for research for neuroendocrine tumor (NET) cancers.  The run For The Stripes 5K is held on the Saturday nearest Nov. 10, which is National Neuroendocrine Awareness Day.  The run takes place at the Philadelphia Zoo in order to be in the same community as the University of Pennsylvania Abramson Cancer Center, which has an established program for treating NET cancers.  The 5K run/walk offers an event for patients, family, medical staff and the general public.  Proceeds and fund raising from the 5K go towards neuroendocrine cancer research to find better treatment options and hopefully a cure.

Funds donated to NCAN have a variety of uses. Below are some examples of what your donation can do to help.

 $15 provides supplies to a patient support group for a month. 

$25 supplies a comprehensive patient information packet to a neuroendocrine cancer patient, giving them tools to equip the patient so that they be a good advocate for their own care

$50 provides DVDs to a patient, showing cutting edge information from a NET patient conference.

$100 from 5 people sponsors a patient to attend a patient conference (like the one we just attended in New Orleans)

$200 keeps the patient hotline open for a month. Answered 24/7 by an experienced NET patient or caregiver, this is a lifeline for newly diagnosed patients and many who need support in our community.

$500 from 4 donors sends an expert to provide urgently needed information at a patient conference

$1,000 sponsors a doctor to learn more about neuroendocrine cancer and earn CME credits. Many NET patients see local oncologists or primary care physicians who may be ill equipped to provide adequate care. Training these doctors can mean the difference between life and death for these patients.

$2,000 starts the ball rolling toward funding a research grant.

$5,000 starts a Fellowship scholarship, sending medical students to shadow current NET experts, training a new generation of NET specialists

Thank you for your generous support. Get your Zebra on!