2015 At a Glance

We’ve neglected this blog over the last year and a bit. Nearly fifteen months ago, on January 24, 2015, our daughter Eleanor Ruth Glenn was born!

She was 3.4 kg/7lbs 4 oz and healthy. But that night Samuel, who had a cold and ear infection had a febrile seizure (his second) and was hospitalized. He recovered and came home and we thought all was well until Eleanor began to get sick, and when she was 10 days old she was hospitalized with bronchiolitis, pneumonia, and two different bacterial infections. She spent 11 days in the hospital.

She recovered beautifully and came home. She has grown into a curious, clever toddler who loves to do whatever her big brother is doing, but also has her own personality and tastes.
Samuel underwent surgery to remove his adenoids and insert grommets (tubes) in his ears to help with the constant infections he was having.
We brought home a new member of the family: Winston, a German Shepherd/Chow cross, rescued from the SPCA.
Unfortunately, Samuel’s grommets fell out during the next infection he got and he had another febrile seizure. He underwent a CT scan which ruled out any other seizure causes and then underwent surgery a second time, to remove polyps of infection from his sinuses and to reinsert a different type of grommet. He was also (finally!) diagnosed with some food allergies (milk and egg) which we learned were the root cause of his illnesses. It still took several months after the diet changes (and a fourth seizure), but by November of 2015 he was healthy, finally.
In September/October we travelled to Canada and the USA to see family and to celebrate Matthew and Christina’s wedding – Samuel was their ring bearer.
In January 2016 Samuel started pre-school, which he has loved.

And that’s our year at-a-glance!


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