Welcome Samuel!

On November 13, 2013 at 6:27AM Samuel Robert Glenn was born at the Dawson Creek Hospital in British Columbia, Canada.

Welcome to the world!
Welcome to the world!

Samuel has been a tricksy baby from the start. He grew so fast and moved so much that we thought he was twins at first! We even heard his heartbeat in two places – but he was just a wiggler. So I should have known when I started to have regular contractions at 38 weeks that he wasn’t going to make an appearance quite yet. After several false starts and trips to our doctor and the hospital I was starting to wonder if he would ever come! We spent four weeks in early labour, and I felt like a time bomb, walking around at 1-2cm dilated, regular steady contractions, told I could ‘go off’ in an hour or in two weeks! Fortunately all our parents arrived before the baby did.

Finally, on November 12th (at 40 weeks and 5 days) after supper and games with our parents I thought that maybe, maybe things were progressing. We called the doulas, woke Coleman’s parents (mine were still up) and all trooped off to the hospital, bags, carseat and everything. But once we got there things had slowed down again and we were sent home with the same ‘in an hour or in a week’ message. As we were leaving, things began to pick up again. Fortunately our doulas were paying close attention and decided to follow us home, just in case. Sure enough, by the time we were home I was definitely in active labour and it was time to turn around again! Sometime in the night it began to snow, the start of the first real storm of the year (which went on to last four days). Back we went and boy, that car ride was not fun! At the hospital we got me settled in a birthing room and someone began to fill the birthing tub – but by the time it was full I was too far along to get in (since the hospital offers labour only in the tub, no deliveries). Once Samuel had decided to come he came fast, barely giving the doctor enough time to arrive and coming after just 5 or 6 pushes. He was absolutely perfect, with a little round head and awake, alert little eyes. He weighed 8 lbs 9 oz and was 21 inches long. He cried for just a moment and then snuggled into Coleman, taking in his new world. Most of his grandparents stayed for his arrival and they all got to hold him right away.

A huge thank you to our doulas, Brandi and Raelene who were great support for all of us!

We’ll be putting together a more detailed album of pictures from his first week. For now this link should take you to a small Facebook album of photos for a start.


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