We’re having a baby!

We haven’t been very active on this blog in the last couple months, and there’s a reason for that – we’re pregnant! So Anne havsn’t been feeling all that great, but more, everything we’ve wanted to write about has been coloured by the fact that we’re having a baby – and we hadn’t announced that yet.

Baby Glenn at 10 weeks
Baby Glenn at 10 weeks

We decided to wait a few weeks before broadly announcing our pregnancy. I’ve always thought that it seemed an odd ‘rule’ not to share before 12 weeks; if we miscarried, I’d want our families and friends to know – I’d want to lean on them through the grief. But we discovered we were pregnant really early. like, really early. I was feeling off and then sick, and suspicious, so we went ahead and took a test and only 2 weeks in it was positive. So we told our parents and siblings shortly after we found out but decided we would wait a little while before announcing it to the world. (For those counting along at home, I’m 14 weeks pregnant, today. Our estimated date of delivery is in early November, right around my own birthday.)

It’s a good year for babies. We have friends who had a son in February, friends who had a son in April, friends who are due in September and October and November. I’ve been deep in pregnancy and babies, and been dying to share what’s going on in our pregnancy.

A friend who is due in October created a blog: pregnancyreallysucks.wordpress.com and I had to laugh when I read it. I’ve often wondered about what kind of pregnant woman I would be and a friend once speculated that I’d be really sick but insist I was fine and that it was a miracle. Well, it’s a miracle, for sure, but I understand where Jenni’s coming from!

I’ve been pretty sick. Despite my desire for as natural a pregnancy and delivery as possible, I’m on Diclectin, because without it, well, I wasn’t functioning very well. The nausea’s been pretty bad. Then I flew to Germany for two weeks, and that took its toll. When I got back there was more jet lag and a virus I picked up somewhere. My husband has been a champion. I spent two weeks in bed (or on the couch) and he’s taken care of the laundry, dishes, meals and me. I was really looking forward to the magical second trimester when the nausea goes away and I get to run around with a cute bump. That’s the promise, right? Right? Then we had that crazy trip to Chicago and Ottawa and more jet lag. Now I’ve started to feel the hope of the second trimester: more energy, more days in a row without being sick, nesting instinct kicking in. We’ve had beautiful weather the last few days and I’ve spent hours outside, soaking up as much as I can.

It is a miracle. As many of our friends know, I’ve struggled with health issues that could affect my fertility for ten years. I have endometriosis and a few other complications. We were told that we could try naturally for a baby, but that we would most likely need fertility assistance. It’s something we had talked about before we were married, and while we prayed for children, we knew it could take some time. So we were pretty surprised to become pregnant so quickly! Neither of us expected the test to be positive. We are so excited, and so grateful for this blessing from God. And we’re so excited to share it with you! Thank you for all of the prayers, love and support you’ve given. We are feeling so blessed, and so grateful.

Stay tuned for updates as this pregnancy progresses! Check out Anne’s blog at It’s Between Me and God.


Baby Glenn at 14 weeks
Baby Glenn at 14 weeks

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