Welcome, to out wedding website turned couple’s (now family!) blog. We (Coleman and Anne Grace) were married on December 30, 2012, and set up this blog as a way to communicate with our families and friends while we were planning and preparing for our wedding. Now, we’d like to use it to continue to stay in touch and let you know what’s happening in our lives. With loved ones in more than a dozen countries on every continent, parents who are either 12 or 24 hours away by plane, and siblings scattered across North America we’ve decided to use this space to share about what we’re up to here in Canada’s frozen north South Africa! So please, poke around, check out our backstories, our love story (WARNING: contains sappy content, may not be suitable for all cynics), and the blog. Leave a comment or reach us by e-mail at coleman.anne.glenn@gmail.com.

Thanks for stopping by!

Love, Coleman, Anne Grace, Samuel and Baby Glenn

Ps. We also have our own blogs. Follow Coleman at Good and Truth over on Patheos and check out Anne’s musings at It’s Between Me and God here on WordPress.


About the name: We chose Two Sleepy People (from the Ella Fitzgerald/Louis Armstrong song) which Coleman sent Anne when we were dating. We were often up late in our respective timezones, talking on Skype, and so we were often sleepy! Now we are the parents of an active 9 month old with another on the way and we’re still pretty sleepy!

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