Reflections on faith, marriage, family, and life with chronic, incurable cancer.

Welcome to our wedding website turned couple’s (now family!) blog. We (Coleman and Anne Grace) were married on December 30, 2012, and set up this blog as a way to communicate with our families and friends while we were planning and preparing for our wedding. Now, we use it to continue to stay in touch and let you know what’s happening in our lives. With loved ones in more than a dozen countries on every continent, parents who were either 12 or 24 hours away by plane, and siblings scattered across North America we decided to use this space to share about what we’re up to here in Canada’s frozen north / South Africa / Bryn Athyn! So please, poke around, check out our backstories, our love story (WARNING: contains sappy content, may not be suitable for all cynics). In April of 2016 we learned that Anne has an advanced form of a rare cancer – stage IV neuroendocrine cancer originating in the appendix with peritoneal metastasis. See our cancer section for some of the details, the support page for ways you can help, and check the blog for updates on our plans, including travel, and our story as we move though this new chapter in our lives.

Leave a comment or reach us by e-mail at coleman.anne.glenn@gmail.com.

Thanks for stopping by!

Love, Coleman, Anne Grace, Samuel and Eleanor Glenn

Ps. We also have our own blogs. Follow Coleman at Good and Truth over on Patheos and check out Anne’s musings at It’s Between Me and God here on WordPress.


About the name: We chose Two Sleepy People (from the Ella Fitzgerald/Louis Armstrong song) which Coleman sent Anne when we were dating. We were often up late in our respective timezones, talking on Skype, and so we were often sleepy! Now we are the parents of two toddlers preschoolers and we’re still pretty sleepy!


5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. My heart is heavy with this news. Please know I am praying that Anne will have the strength she needs, and that our love carry her should she tire. May this difficult journey contain blessings to sustain you all. May the knowledge that the Lord is all knowing lift your faithful hearts. May He bless you and keep you.

  2. The Lord has in mind the best for each of us even when the path is dark and the way rocky. May He lead you throughout the times ahead. May the thick darkness be dispelled by the light of what is eternal and solely true. Love to you, very dear ones, Coleman, Anne, Samuel (the gorilla) and little Eleanor. Love Aunt Kate.

    1. Thank you Aunt Kate. The flowers and the notes you left around the house were the most wonderful ‘welcome home’. Though the flowers have faded, the cards remain, placed all around the house so that I am constantly encountering words of Scripture, of truth, of encouragement. They are constant reminders of the Lord’s love, and of yours.

  3. Dear Coleman & Anne,
    We haven’t ever met you in person but enjoyed having Grandpa Scott in CNX last week where he happily joined a few ‘teams’ to play bass and then keyboard at our annual conference. He actually ended up hitch-hiking from the CNX airport to the resort in our truck as his pre-arranged ride fell through. 🙂 A few miles along the road I asked him for an update on your situation, and through the week of conference additional people joined the growing and global prayer team. We’ll continue praying and track with your progress. With love in Christ, Brian & Linda Crawford (fellow Canucks from Ontario) 🙂 2nd Peter 1:3 [p.s. Love your ‘Two Sleepy People’ Blog name!]

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